Posted by: eileenandrory | June 7, 2009

Not so poignant first step.

My posts will probably be shorter than EJ’s, as when left unleashed I will ramble for hours.

So today my marketing group finished our group assignment based on a not for profit organisation that would come into your home and ‘green up’ your life.

The whole process got me fired up, and at the same time I am completely overwhelmed.

Most of you know about sustainability, but what does it mean? 

Anyway I believe I am on journey. I have given up my corporate goals, and am now wondering how I can save the world <cue band aid song>

I’ve been listening to Vincent Heeringa lately, his podcast claims he is the voice of the creative economy, well I’m not sure about that but he certainly makes sense.


I think i’ll sign off for now.



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