Posted by: eileenandrory | June 7, 2009

The first step

Here we are, on the first step of this journey of ours.  I have no idea where it will take us, only that its one I wish to take and explore (for more of why we are here then please read our about page).  

I am deeply committed to building a better community through raising my children, through helping my community and others and through being the best person I can be.  I fall over every day.  But I get back up again.  My beautiful husband is there to guide me and has always been my anchor.  So, it seems right that we share this blog and that we share this journey together.  I feel like we are a pair of teenagers again, giddy on life, where anything is possible, buoyed by hope and certain of our belief in dreams.  Unfortunately every now and again the adult pokes their head around the corner into the playroom and says “come on now, it’s time to stop playing and get down to work”.  But what if you didn’t have to stop playing?  What if your play WAS your work.

Our son goes to Montessori where the philosophy is that a child’s play IS their work.  We want to live by that.  At the moment I do a heap of unpaid volunteer work.  I couldn’t be happier doing that.  I am at home, looking after my kids, refusing to farm them out to daycare so I can enter the paid workforce and have a ‘better’ lifestyle.  I am having a whale of a time doing things that I enjoy, helping other people.  

The downside is that in order to finance this lifestyle Rory has to ‘work’!  Ultimately we wish to integrate all parts of our lives and to be able to live sustainably and therefore happily.  I have a deep belief that if we both work at our play then our play will reward us by becoming sustainable and paying us in money as well as love!  Call me naive or whatever, but thats the sort of life I am dreaming of.  It’s the sort of life I want to teach to my children.  It’s the sort of way I wish other people would live!  

Thats all for now,

E xx



  1. Go Eileen and Rory! I think your post is beautiful, strong and totally spot on. It’s my belief too that when you find the thing that makes your heart sing, it doesn’t feel like work and money usually comes with it. Perhaps not millions of pounds or dollars but enough to actually have a life that works.

    I’m so inspired by what you are up to. Ever thought of running for office? Imagine if you could shift the entire culture to work like that?

    You guys rock! Much love, Lee

    • Gosh Lee, I could ask you the same thing 🙂 ever thought of running for office? Yes, I have always thought of it. Have done it once, (student politics a long time ago). I would never do it while my babies are so young. It’s such a short time in their life and Rory and I want to be there for every bit of it we can. Public life is public life not just for the politician, but their family too. I’m not saying never, it’s just not in the plan just yet!

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