Posted by: eileenandrory | June 13, 2009

Star Trek – a new beginning?

A rather belated review.

It was great. It fulfilled my need for sci fi nostalgia, whilst opening up a whole new world to explore. If you have not seen the movie then that comment may seem a little obscure, but once you have seen it you will understand.

The characters were well portrayed, the throwaway lines from the original series where both predictable and enjoyable. I loved the depth, and the twists where enough to make this feel like more than just a re-cycled version of the original franchise. 

There’s been talk about the new Kirk (Chris Pine) being a bad actor or not being faithful to the original, but that is bollocks. He was cocky and tough, and intelligent.

My only complaint was that the re-programming of the simulator should have been smoother, he could easily have claimed no knowledge of the trick.

Zachary Quinto was perfect, my only problem was that i kept thinking of his Heroes character, and how bad it would be to make him angry…

Karl Urban was inspired.

Does anyone think that the Romulan Nero looks anything like Jason Kerrison?


The red shirt was a nice touch.

All in all i think this deserves an 8 out of 10.


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