Posted by: eileenandrory | June 28, 2009

Purpose and goals

So what is life about?

When we are young we live our aiming for lofty goals, as we get older those goals may very well remain lofty but reality tends to make us aim lower. Are we selling ourselves short, or being realistic?

When I was in my teens I wanted to be an actor, (MacGyver) or maybe a spy (James Bond) in the last couple of years I was aiming to be a corporate whore.

Now I want to save the world.

Yet how does one actually go about saving the world? I have a bunch of excellent role models, but they all seem to be unaturally driven.

Well this blog is a start. Instead of being controversial i am just interested in getting my thoughts down for my friends to comment on, i am much better with the written word than the verbal cut and thrust.

So help me out, help me change the world.



  1. Well, saving the world is a pretty big ask BUT my plan is to do what I can, one of my favourite quotes is “Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do Something. Anything.” and hopefully, by you or I doing our ‘something’ then we may inspire someone else to do their something and then it just grows from there.

    You can’t give up or be daunted by the magnitude of ‘saving the world’ but instead draw strength from the fact that by you doing some volunteering for a cause you are passionate about, by donating some materials or time or money that you are making a difference in your little, but very important, sphere of influence…every little bit counts, and lots of little bits add up, and that is a beautiful thing.

    • I agree, and somewhere EJ has a suitable quote to support your view. I find myself getting overwhelmed with all the information out there and some days I don’t think that I am doing enough.

      Then i remember that a 1000 mile journey begins….

  2. I think the problem with saving the world is that it’s a goal without any job satisfaction. Even if you were to actually manage to stop whale hunting across the entire planet, you’d just finish dusting off your hands when your eye would catch something else that needs to be done. Even for Greenpeace, it’s a never-ending road.

    I think the baby steps solution is the only way to go. One month, buy a compost bin and start working towards reducing landfill waste. Then another month, buy an eco-bulb. Don’t do too much too soon, and you’ll be able to look at what you’ve done at any stage and say “Yes, what I’m doing is pretty good”. Then you’re able to suggest to others to do the same, and the cycle begins again … like that ad with Rachel Hunter from the 1980s … and so on, and so on, and so on …

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