Posted by: eileenandrory | July 21, 2009

Dmitry Orlov

Please listen to this man, specifically his talk tot he ‘Long Now Foundation’ it starts off a bit slow but once he gets going his thoughts become really interesting.

Sure he sounds like some sort of defeatist, and possibly a bit negative, but if you really think about what he is saying and then take note of his self depracating humour, I think that you will really enjot what he has to say.

So it goes something like this:

The USA is about to collapse (give or take half a decade) essentially because of their reliability on oil and the hous of cards that is the financial system, he is able to illustrate this theory by showing the similarities between the former USSR and the USA.

The speech goes on to talk about ways to mitigate this, and some (possibly toungue in cheek – but it’s hard to tell) possible future outcomes, for example he talks about having a large armed police force that is no longer being paid by the authorities, similarly what do you do with the armed forces.

When the trucks cannot run because there is little or no fuel left, how do you get food to people?

Hmmmm the more I write the more it sounds like doom and gloom.

Try him and see.



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