Posted by: eileenandrory | July 27, 2009

Ian Wishart

A friend of mine (let’s call him Dave) talked to me about Ian Wishart’s book ‘Air Con’ yeasterday.

Let me tell you a little about Dave, he is not exactly techno savvy, although he is a tradesman he only got broadband installed last week, and he still is not using it. I don’t describe him like this to put him down, i just wanted to give a little relevant background.

So Dave has read ‘Air Con’ and he starts telling me about how much of a liar Al Gore is, and how global warming is a myth, apparently according to Dave (via Air Con) there is an ice mass 500Km’ squared forming north of the Arctic, that no one is talking about. There are other claims but i wont go into them.

What this has made me think of, or rather what it has forced me to do is firm up my ideas on sustainability and the environment, up until now they have been (in my head at least) seperated by the extremist nature of some of the environmental groups out there. I have never wanted to think of myself as a greenie mainly because the perception (at least it was when i was growing up) was that greenies where all left wing loonies.

Now i believe i am a shade of green, which one, i am yet to discover.

Anyway, back to ‘Air Con’ it is a book i plan on reading, even if it is just to get a balanced view of the world, but what i wanted to get out of my head right now before i read it is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in Global Warming, why does belief preclude living more sustainable?

Too much Carbon in the atmosphere? Who cares?

My take is more about everyday practical matters, we have too many cars, we put too much in the rubbish, we have too much stuff, our houses require too much electricity, we have to truck in food from miles away etc etc etc.

Let me leave you with my rather depressing thought for the day:

“if the burning of fossil fuels is not harmful to the atmosphere, why would some people connect a hose to the exhaust of their car, in through the window, close the window, sit in the car, and start it?”


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