Posted by: eileenandrory | July 28, 2009

Even Accountants are getting involved!

I am doing my 2nd accounting paper at Unitec, and i have to tell you that i find accounting (or accountants?) to be the most unimaginative subject i have ever experienced.

This may be slander, but it seems to me that the very nature of the job means it HAS to be unimaginative, as an accountant you have to stick to the facts, no dreaming up silly stories to tell about the GST portion of the balance sheet.

So taking this into account, imagine my suprise when i read a chapter on the ‘triple bottom line’ and it goes on to talk about ‘corporate responsibility’ and how accountants need to work on ways to value the social and environmental activities of the business or organisation.

Even Accountants are doing it, surely it should start making sense to the cynics out there.

Can i suggest as an example that you check out:

If Nokia are doing it then it must be paying dividends.

We need to talk about ethics at some stage, remind me.


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