Posted by: eileenandrory | August 20, 2009

Sustainability is interchangeable with Happiness

So i did a speech the other day at my Toastmasters club, the Title was “Sustainability and Happiness”.

The premise of the speech is that Sustainability is interchangeable with Happiness. Now there’s not really a lot of info that you can pack into a 5 – 7 minute speech, so i started out by defining what Sustainability and Happiness mean to me, whilst linking the two.

So here we go:

Sustainability has many definitions, i explained the triple bottom line concept, and gave the following definition:

“Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

What is my personal definition:

“reducing our impact on the environment”

Which I think is rather naive.

Anyway i went on to talk about the 3 pillars of sustainability – ‘economic, environmental, social’

Essentially i explained the 3 in terms of getting more of it, for example don’t buy a 100 inch LCD tv, because although the realisation of the goal will make you happy, spending 6 hours a night watching it (to recoup your investment) will not make you happy. Spend wisely etc.

Environment – plant more veges, don’t drive so much, stop filling your house with new gadgets because the packaging alone is causing environmental problems.

Social – get out and meet your neighbours, take the kids to the park, volunteer your skills, instead of sitting at home with your 100 inch LCD tv.

Lastly – Happiness.

The ability to enjoy less, is how i defined it. Enjoy what you have here an now. By learning to do that you wont need the 100 inch LCD tv, you will be too busy talking to your neighbours or spending quality time with the family.

Brief and to the point.



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