Posted by: eileenandrory | November 6, 2009

It’s hot and reality seems so far away.

I’m supposed to be studying for exams.

But instead i am in Sunny Russell relaxing, procrastinating and watching my children interact with their grandparents.

I feel like i am on another planet when i am up here. My worries seem to disappear, well they’re there but i am not concerned about them. The sun is out, the water is calm and all is right with the world.

There’s that feeling you get when you know you don’t have to go to work for ages and tommorrow will last forever.

Maybe it’s summer? I can’t honestly say that i would feel this good if it was winter.

I wonder what would life be like if you felt this way all of the time?

Is it even possible to be happy all of the time? Actually maybe it’s not happiness but a general sense of well being.

Anyway i’m confident that life is going well, i wish i could bottle it and give it to you.


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