Posted by: eileenandrory | November 19, 2009

Nuclear Power

Is nuclear power the answer to all of our Global warming issues? If it is what stops us from embracing it with open arms?

In New Zealand we are proudly Nuclear Free, but as a nation have we confused electricity generation with Nuclear weapons?

You can do the research, a nuclear power plant will undoubtably produce a considerable amount of electricity for a minimal amount of pollution. They take up less space, and modern technology has made them safer than taking  a plane trip.

If you lived next to a nuclear plant versus living next to a coal plant, you are more likely to die from carcinogens from the coal plant than raditation from the Nuclear plant.

Recently I have had my views on Nuclear Power challenged by the likes of Stuart Brand, and my hero Saul Griffith, they have convinced me that current sustainable technology cannot keep up with societies demand for electricity, and even if it could the footprint from supplying our needs from solar and wind would be the size of the US <at least>.

So we go with hydro or nuclear, or we choose to pollute our environment with coal.

Each has its problems <percieved or actual?> and those problems cause such debate that we end up doing nothing. For example no one wants to live next to power plant whether it be nuclear or coal, also no one wants to flood great tracts of land to form a hydro plant.

But this delay means that NZ is running out of time to react. I know that we will not choose Nuclear, the barriers to nuclear power generation in the rest of the world pale in comparison to the national psyche here in NZ.

So that leaves large scale solar, wind or hydro. Yet no one is willing to make a decison, take the lead, everyone seems to be waiting. Waiting for a new technology maybe?

I don’t know.



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