Posted by: eileenandrory | January 11, 2010

finding motivation

It’s 2010 and unlike previous new years i feel totally unmotivated, in the past i’ve been bristling with energy after the holidays, but the last weeks have found me just circling inside my head.

It’s something i used to do as a teenager and young(er) adult i would live inside my head instead of engaging with the people around me i would spend all my time thinking of something else, the future, the past etc.

I’m only slightly concerned, but concerned nonetheless after all is this a symptom of getting old? Or have i been shagged out by endless summer days in Russell?

Inside my head are unformed plans for the future, ideas mainly, but they all lack clarity.

I find myself thinking gee i should be worried about the upcoming Auckland Council re-organisation, because potentially i may lose my job, but still i cannot seem to generate any passion over the subject.

What drives you to do what you do? How do people fuel their passion and keep it going year upon year?


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