Posted by: eileenandrory | February 28, 2010

Water, Water everywhere….

We where at Eco day 2010 today, which was held at Olympic Park in Auckland. It was a fantastic event, showcasing all sorts or eco products and organisations doing cool eco friendly things.

There was a bloke giving a demo on installing a water tank, and it was well attended which made me think, maybe people would be interested in how I went about building our one…

Step one

Design, actually this was all in my head we had wanted to do something for a while but we are strapped for space and cash, EJ asked her dad if he would give up a nice 500 litre tank he has sitting spare. He did not give us that tank but he did come up with a nice 210 litre barrel that works just as well. I needed to gather some more equipment in as cheap a way possible. The timber came from the local tip, and the only items I needed to pay for were the screws <which I got from the local hardware store using grandads discount!>

The pipes and the tap came from grandads shed of wonders!

Step two


Remember this is all in my head, I had to create a stand high enough to give us a reasonable head of water <otherwise it would take ages to fill up the watering can> and sturdy enough to carry 210 litres <which is 210 kg>

The stand came together nicely <with some nice mitred joints> but it was not solid enough, so I made a design change and went on the lookout for something to strengthen the upper frame, the cheapest option was the lattice effect which i created by cutting strips from a couple of fence palings I bought from Mitre 10. The pipe work was easy to put together getting the holes in the right place and then cutting them into the tank was probably the hardest part, and i have to admit it was actually grandad that did that bit.

The top pipe fills the tank and the one on the side is the overflow.


Easy as that.

The lattice work went on afterwards, and is still not quite finished. The only problem we have is that the tank does not hold enough to water the garden for more than a week if there is no rain.

I also have some misgivings about the heavy metals that get washed off the roof into the tank, but i’m sure mother nature will take care of that by the time we harvest the veges.

What do you think?


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