Posted by: eileenandrory | March 2, 2010

MMP or not

There’s a referendum coming! Do we like MMP or would we prefer another method of electing our government?

I personally think it’s too early to tell. The last couple of governments have not seemed to be very balanced. From King Winston to our present government none seem to give the people what they want.

Or rather should I say there is no way to satisfy all of the people all of the time, so MMP does a pretty good job in the meantime?

When I consider the issue I can’t help but think of the extremes that the US and UK go through with their duopoly. Every 3 years their respective countries are polarised into republicans, and democrats, tories or labourites, with apparently no room in between.

The debates between the two parties <and it happens here too> are more about showing that the other team are wrong and this is how WE can make things better.

Rather than issue based politics for the good of the country.

I really don’t see how a country with a large population can get by without MMP, how exactly do the minority parts of the community get their view across, bearing in mind that a minority in a country with a couple of billion people may still be a million people.

I read somewhere that 40% of voters in the US are considered independent, ie they don’t consider themselves to be Democrats or Republicans… who do they vote for? the same article mentioned that the 40% are not a homogenous group they wont all vote the same way even if they could agree on a candidate.

The 40% are credited with getting Obama into the Whitehouse.

NZ can’t afford to get rid of MMP, we are a diverse nation and we need to have a government that reflects that.

There are however loud members of the media that would have you think that MMP does not work, but what evidence do they have?


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