Posted by: eileenandrory | March 9, 2010

Training puppies and children

Believe it or not they are very similar.

Both respond well to praise, a good reward system and punishment.

Of course punishment methods will differ between children and puppies, for example you’re not going to roll up a newspaper and hit your child on the noise for tearing up your slippers, equally – putting your puppy in time out is probably not going to have the desired effect.

Similarly you’re not going to rub your childs nose in their own poo to stop them from doing it on the floor.

So were was I going with this ramble?

Oh yeah, raising puppies like raising children requires patience, commitment and consitency, you need to have a set of rules that reflect your values <any disparity between the two will make it difficult to be consistant> and you need to be able to enforce those rules in a consistant manner.

Imagine raising your puppy in an inconsistant manner,

<I’ve just come back to this after a couple of days and now i’ve lost my train of thought>

What are you going to get? A dog that does not listen to you, perhaps runs away from you when you call to it, or in the extreme bites someone and has to be put down.

What happens if you are not consistant with your children? Well you can probably figure that out for yourself…

I’m not talking about smacking your child, I’m not talking about being a totalitarian dictator, all I am suggesting is that you have a set of rules that fit in with your own moral code <values> and then ensure that you apply those rules in a fair and consistant manner, don’t get complicated and remember to enjoy both your children and your puppies…


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