Posted by: eileenandrory | March 14, 2010

Jamie Oliver – TED Wish

My God I LOVE this man!

He is so passionate about food, and that passion is infectious. Before I watched this podcast I could not have cared less about obesity in the US, but now it’s in my thoughts and I am blogging about it!

It is not only an US issue it is global.

The really cool thing about Jamie’s message is that it is also a GREEN issue, Transition town, eco city, sustainability etc… everyone agrees that we need to be able to grow our own food rely less on imports and ‘E’ numbers and eat more sustainably.

Isn’t it ironic that whilst the US are suffering from an obesity epidemic, there are still many countries in the world suffering from a lack of food.

How did this imbalance occur? Well it would seem to me that our friend Capitalism is to blame. Sell more, faster, cheaper, and to more people, growth, growth, growth.

At the expense of our health…

Jamie talks about 3 generations of families not knowing how to cook, I am one of those generations, luckily EJ has taught herself how to do so, and what to use etc to promote good health in our family.

It’s astounding the ramifications of poor nutrition, not only do you get obesity, but poor nutrition in the young can reduce your intelligence, and height and lifespan.

As he says obesity and the related ills are preventable. Why wouldn’t you choose a better way?


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