Posted by: eileenandrory | April 13, 2010

change can be horrible, but anticipation can be worse

Yesterday we had a letter hand delivered by the HR department from the CEO, telling us what to expect from the letter that the Auckland Transition Authority will be delivering today. Essentially the letter from the ATA is supposed to tells us if we will have a job, or if we will be part of the ‘change process’

The letter incidentally was supposed to arrive before easter. Then it was supposed to arrive this morning at 9am, then 12pm, and then 1pm, now at 1:10 it still has not arrived.

How to alienate, cause unneccessary stress and tension and demotivate your staff in just one short lesson.

How exactly is an employee supposed to act in a situation where there is so much uncertainty? With mortgages to pay and futures to think of, how can any organisation be so blatantly thoughtless about it’s people?

I’m really suprised there has not been a number of stress related leave applications going in, my employer is doing what they can, but the problem lies with the government. It’s like living and working under a guilotine primed and ready.

I’m lucky in that I have a backup plan, but some of the guys around me are doing it tough.

Well, it’s 1:16 and the letter just says that I will be part of the change process, meaning nothing is certain. What a waste of time and money. The letter leaves me in no better position than at 1:15.

Secretly I was  hoping for something, even redundancy would have been better than this not knowing.

The letter does not give timeframes, but I hear that there are twice as many property staff as there are roles in the new organisation.

What a pain!


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