Posted by: eileenandrory | April 20, 2010


Despite all the inconvenience (to others not me) I have to say that the Icelandic volcano event can only be looked at in a positive light.

You know it is true.

Some of the busiest airports in the world shutdown, people forced to take a holiday, business put on hold, the topic of conversation for the week and think og the green advantages!

Jet fuel usage must have dropped considerably. People where forced to take landbased transport meaning they got to take a little more time out to reflect.

Experts project a 0.5 degree in temps, which could be a good thing considering the global warming situation.

I bet a lot of organisations got to implement their disaster recovery plans too!

It’s funny that this event could cause such mayhem, in our highly technological world.

For us in NZ it should be a wake up call. NZ sits upon 7 volcanos, and a drive around the Auckland harbour gives you a nice view of Rangitoto which would be impressive indeed if it erupted.

It’s a sobering thought.


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