Posted by: eileenandrory | April 27, 2010

The wonders of Facebook

See here, some people would have you think that Facebook is a waste of time, no good comes from it, and you shouldn’t spend so much time playing online games anyway.

But have I got a story for you…

On occasion I get friend requests from cousins that I have never heard of before, this is not unusual because my mums family is quite large, and as is typical with large Indian families there is a diaspora and family members can be found all around the world.

About 6 months ago I got a friend request from someone not from my mums side of the family, the request was from Ana, and she is a cousin from my Fathers side of the family…

At this stage you’re going to need some background because you may be wondering why this is unusual.

Well I have not met my father.  I was a baby when my parents split up.

I have to admit that when my thoughts did turn to my father I went through the full range of emotions, anger, regret etc… Recently however <and it probably has something to do with being a father myself> I believe I have mellowed out and so this friend request came at the right time.

Once I heard from Ana, I guess I got curious, and Ej did to. In fact she went all CSI and dug into my family background.

Ana got me an email address and so after much deliberation I typed up an email laying out my life, and I sent it to him.

It bounced back, the email address was wrong.

3 months later, I still had not done anything.

Last week though I decided it was time to stop prevaricating, and on Friday I decided to call him. Saturday came, and I got all nervous, Sydney is 2 hours behind so I had a few hours for the nerves to build. Ej had of course found his work phone number and encouraged me to call.

I made the phone call, and found out from the receptionist that Dr Alexander was busy, “This is Mrs Alexander, would I like to leave a message?” I freaked out! Told her my name was ‘Dave’ and I would try again later.


After I calmed down, Ej convinced me to call back and to let Mrs Alexander know who I was, she put me straight through, at which point I started babbling to him.

What I didn’t realise was, that he was with a patient. He asked me for a return phone number, and told me he would call me back.

What a tense time that was.

He finally called me and we had what seemed like a reserved 10 minute conversation, which left me a little bit deflated. Saying that he gave me his email address, so I decided to win him over with some photo’s of the kids.

Then Ej suggested he might have been reserved because he did not know what my motivations where, at which point I wrote another email saying my motivations where benign and I was more curious that anything.

A tense couple of days later, and I finally get a response, a short email, but still a response. I’m not sure how to feel, but it certainly makes life interesting.

In the meantime I have befriended my little brother and one of his sisters on facebook, but I am yet to hear from my sister.

Now that is going to take getting used to, I have been an only child for 38 years, that sort of change is mind-blowing….


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