Posted by: eileenandrory | May 13, 2010

Has texting replaced the art of conversation?

So I was privileged to see an excellent Toastmaster speech about how damaging cell phones and texting can be, he also spoke a little about Twitter parties. 

 <it’s been a week since I started this post, and now I have forgotten the premise>

But I think it had something to do with sulky teenage / early 20 year olds not having the communication skills to live in the modern world. 

I got to see our fantastic Mayor today talk virtually off the cuff on the art of speech craft. He mentioned a study he was involved in which they found that the vocal cords would still respond even if you were not reading aloud, because it is a trained response. 

As we are growing up we learn to read by vocalising the words, when we read aloud we learn that much faster. 

How limited is your vocabulary going to be if you stop using your voice, and limit your ideas to 140 characters? 

It led me to thinking about how in business my colleagues and I often email each other rather than talk about the issues, or Ej will text when conversation would save time. 

So has text ruined the art of conversation? I did an earlier post on Facebook ruining conversation, but seeing texters operate brings new insight into the phenomenon. 

Surly teenagers didn’t need an excuse to be uncommunicative, but now they have one. 

What about ‘texters thumb’? RSI for a new generation. 

Worse still what happens to communication in a power  outage?


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