Posted by: eileenandrory | May 18, 2010

In Pursuit of happiness

So what is happiness about?

I’ve read a number of definitions, my favourite being “the ability to enjoy less” which takes a bit of thinking to understand what it means.

The pursuit of happiness is a luxury we have in the developed world, because – in general our basic (Maslovian) needs have been met, and so we have excess time on our hands to worry about being happy.

So is happiness a worthy cause? In my more pessimistic moments I think of the pursuit of happiness as being a rather selfish act, considering all that is wrong with the world.

Then there are the times when I think that the pursuit of happiness can actually have a greater good. Like volunteering with the Sallies, or collecting rubbish on the local beach.

Lastly I wanted to explore the idea that I’ve heard a number of people speak about when asked what they want for their future and that is:

“I want to be independantly wealthy so that I have the freedom to do what I want to do”

My answer to this – of course is “Why not just do what you want to do?”

Some will start a business and work in it for 10 years, with the aim to sell it to make money to be independently wealthy so that they can do what they always wanted to do….

Presumably they just spent 10 years doing something that they did not want to do…

Is it unrealistic to just do what makes you happy? You might say that it doesn’t pay the bills…. well maybe you should work on having smaller bills?

There’s not much financial security in reading books for a living <which has my vote as a career choice…> but actually there are hundreds of people around the world that get paid to read books, they’re called reviewers, or editors….

You want to be more creative? Why not create stuff instead of watching Coronation street tonight?

I have an answer, if you have the question…


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