Posted by: eileenandrory | June 23, 2010

Life happens between blogs

The blog has been on my mind. But events seem to occur to fast for them to be recorded.

Here’s a brief overview of what has happened since I last blogged:

1) I sat 3 interviews for a job at Genesis Energy. The 3rd interview broke me, as it happens I turned up unprepared and I did not have my game face on. The interview was with the GM who asked me questions about due diligence, core competencies and quizzed me about Company values. It would seem that I failed to impress her. In my defence though I was under the impression that the interview was a formality and I did have a statistics exam the next day!

As it turns out I did not like Peggy <and it takes a lot for me to say that> and any manager that would veto the opinions of her staff based on a 10 minute conversation <the interview went for an hour but I believe she made up her mind in the first 10 minutes> is not really someone I want to work for.

Also Peggy left me feeling like a little boy, when I heard the news that I had not got the job, I was VERY upset, and my confidence in myself took a sudden dip. Who wants to work for someone like that?

Admittedly this could just be a justification!

2) As mentioned I had an exam, but not just any exam it was a Business Statistics exam, perhaps the single most boring subject in the world! I had not done well in my course work which is odd, because I spent a LOT of time on it, when I saw some of the model answers I noticed that I had made a really stupid mistake that cost me half the marks in the 2nd assignment.

Anyway I think I did well in my exam, but I noticed that our tutor had misplaced my 1st internal test, so I didn’t get a mark for that either! I would not like to redo this paper…

3) But who says I will….

Because of the events that have happened recently, I have realised that maybe being a corporate whore is not for me. I wrote a personal plan for myself a few years ago, and on it was “build a piece of fine furniture” but how can I do that if I spend all of my time at tech? So I have taken the 2nd semester off this year to focus on design and building stuff. Who knows what might happen?

4) We’re off to Sydney in July, which is fast approaching. Meeting my dad for the 1st time is going to interesting. I’m looking forward to it, but i’m nervous.

5) The Auckland Transition Agency is approaching, do I have a job after 1 November? Who knows. We have all been mapping ourselves to jobs in the new organisation, and I think I get a chance to do the same for the Transport Authority by the end of the week.

I have to say all of this not knowing is beginning to get on my nerves.

6) Castor is in Hospital. Historically he has had a problem with not doing solid poo’s. We have not really thought much of it, because his diet is EXTREMELY good, lots of fruit and veges. But EJ has been pushing the doctors and finally we saw a pediatrician who got us an X-ray and noticed what could easily have been 4 years of backed up poo! EJ is feeling guilty because she thinks it happened as a result of a bottle of formula he had a couple of days after he was born.

Either way, he is relatively healthy, smart with a great sense of humour, who could want any more?

Life happens, and often times we forget to stop and smell the roses. I’m doing that now.

And  they smell pretty good from here!



  1. Eileen
    We have been advised of your report on your blog about a discussion which took place …

    • Hi there,

      I can appreciate you have your concerns, and my wording was not the best in a few ways, however I stand by the sentiment I expressed and I have always been someone who speaks my mind. I have edited your comment not because I needed to delete things to hide them, but because this particular post on the blog is not the one to which you are referring (and I cannot move it to the correct one) so your comment could be read out of context.


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