Posted by: eileenandrory | August 10, 2010

Symptoms of Stress

It is difficult to know your stressed, whilst the ‘stressing’ is going on. Last night however we had an incident which I believe is a symptom of the stress our family is under due to the ‘Supercity’ re-organisation.

I know that me and EJ are experiencing heightened levels of stress but it is odd to see it reflected in our children. Those of you that know Master Chacko know that he is a mild mannered thoughtful character, however even he can turn into the incredible hulk on occasion.

 The kids where in the bath, near as I can tell Castor hurt Carys in some way, I stormed in to find out what happened Carys was crying and Castor was apologetic. I asked Castor what happened, and he refused to tell me, at which point I told him to get out of the bath.

He refused to get out, I repeated myself a couple of times <getting louder each time> Castor was getting angrier and more upset, I went to get him out, and he stood up picked up the large bucket that we store the bath toys in and tipped the water all over the floor!

Shocking to me, and probably to himself as well. I got him out and made him clean it all up, then sent him to bed without a book.

Maybe i’m reading too much into it, but the event brought home to me just how on edge everyone at home is, because of the uncertainty my employment situation is under.

The message you can take from this is that you can never underestimate the effects of workplace stress on the rest of your life.


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