This blog is part of a journey.  A journey that we wish to take together and a journey which we hope to share with others.  We are your average couple, on an average income, in an average house, with an average mortgage with two kids and a cat.  But we don’t want to be average, we have decided to live with a purpose.  We have chosen as a couple to ‘be the change you want to see’.  We want to be more than parents to our children, we want to be role models, to teach them how to live with a purpose, and beyond our family we want to share those experiences with other people to build the sort of communities that we want to live in and that we wish our children to live in.  

We wish to explore the concept of sustainability, our journey to be sustainable, our frustrations and successes along the way, where we find we can’t measure up and where we find we do and exceed.


Before we continue it is prudent to let you know what we mean by sustainability.  We wish to make it quite clear that we mean more than environmental sustainability.  We mean more than just raising chickens in your backyard and living off you land (no offence to those who do!).  We believe that true sustainability comes from the marrying together of the ‘three pillars’ – see the diagram below.   


What point is there in being able to feed yourself off your land and to go off the grid if you have to erect a ten feet tall fence around your property because of the social inequalities that exist beyond your piece of land?  As the diagram points out – thanks Wiki – if you have your environment and your economic working then you are viable – you have your self-sufficiency.  However humans are social animals and need more than that to survive.

Anyway, more of all of this in our blogs.  We plan to both write blogs, and we will disagree with each other at time to time – all good relationships are built on finding ways around those gaps, compromise and a degree of – sustainability!  

We are deeply passionate about being connected to our community, about creating a safe and happy place for us and our children to live and thrive.  We will make mistakes, and we don’t know all the answers, but if you wish to join us on this journey or have ideas that you would like to share with us, then by all means do so.  We cannot promise to agree with you, but we will promise to try and view your ideas with an open mind.  This is an exploration for us, and we hope that you will enjoy making that journey with us.  Perhaps you will be inspired to ‘be the change you want to see’.

Eileen & Rory.


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